HairChi Study #1

Results: Works as well as the leading prescription hair loss treatment.

After treatment with HairChi™ Foam, hair bulbs cells were highly structured and differentiated. Nearly 70% of HairChi™ study participants showed a significant increase in anagen hairs after just 120 days. (The same range as reported for a leading prescription hair loss treatment). HairChi results:

  • Targets follicle breakdown caused by DHT
  • Inhibits 5 alpha-reductase

HairChi Study #2

Results: Almost 90% had stronger hair in just 5 days.

Results after treatment with HairChi revealed that it addresses hair and scalp aging at the cellular level by influencing pathways responsible for converting young hair into mature hair and improve the skin’s underlying proteins such as collagen and elastin. 87% of participants reported stronger hair after just 5 days. [ 

Hair follicle after treatment with HairChi


Hair follicle from control typical of hair loss

HairChi Study #3

Results: Hair Loss Stopped after 180 days

Results after studies showed HairChi significantly decreases photo-induced inflammation to the scalp and follicles. It was shown to activate genes in repair mechanisms in tissues, providing a protecting and repairing effect for the different structures of the follicle slowing down the aging process as well as stabilizing of hair loss after 180 days.

HairChi Study #4

Results: Critical nutrients delivered to the scalp

Use with HairChi resulted in increased penetration of the ingredients to the follicles as well as anti-inflammatory/antioxidant activity and improvements in scalp micro-circulation for environmental protection for the hair.


Independent Study Briefs available upon request.